Gaddafi Burial In Secret Desert Location

Muammar Gaddafi burial to take place in a secret desert location.

For a fourth day, Libyans have been lining up at a shopping center in Misrata to view the corpse of Gaddafi in a commercial freezer. A spokesman for the military council there says he expects all three to have their final burial tomorrow.

He says the former dictator will be in “an unmarked grave in a secret location.” The spokesman says revolutionary forces don’t want his grave to be turned into a shrine.

Earlier, the country’s interim leader said a committee had been set up to determine what to do with his body, and that the decisions would be governed by a religious edict. Amid international pressure to explain how Gaddafi was killed, the interim leader also said a committee has been formed to investigate the death. Gaddafi was captured alive, but died a short time later after being shot in the head.

A rebel fighter who identified himself as Senad el-Sadik el-Ureybi later claimed to have shot and killed Gaddafi. He claimed to have shot Gaddafi in the head and chest, and that it took half an hour for him to die.

Gaddafi’s body was subsequently flown to Misrata, and was placed in the freezer of a local market alongside the bodies of Defense Minister Abu-Bakr Yunis Jabr and his son and national security adviser Moatassem Gaddafi. The bodies were put on public display, with Libyans from all over the country coming to view them. Many took pictures on their cell phones.

Libya’s society became increasingly Islamic during Gaddafi’s rule. His “purification laws” were put into effect in 1994, punishing theft by the amputation of limbs, and fornication and adultery by flogging. Under the Libyan constitution, homosexual relations are punishable by up to 5 years in jail.

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