Gayest City In America Named By Website

Gayest City In America – In what appears to now be a annual ranking, a gay website,, has listed its second yearly ranking of the ‘Gayest City in America’.

It also seems the controversial list has no real statistical facts to back up its way to determine the rankings on its list, as they will admit themselves, but they also claim that it is surprisingly accurate. The ranking was based on things like wether or not a WNBA team was present, number of gay officials elected. and of all things if their were any semifinalist in a ‘Mr. Leather’ competition among several other things.

Regardless, they list Salt Lake City, of all places, number 1 on their list as the ‘gayest city in America’. Listing its more then half-a-dozen gay and lesbian clubs and bars to put it over the top along with a Sundance Film Festival that attracts LGBT film fans.

For Disney World’s promotions of gay days at its parks, Orlando was listed number 2 on the list. Receiving help in its ranking with the fact it has more gay softball teams then any other town.

Cambridge, Mass., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Seattle, Wa., where ranked 3, 4, and 5 respectively to round out the top 5.

Last years number 1 city Minneapolis was dropped down to number 7 on this years ranking. San Francisco was ranked 18th, and cities such as New York and Chicago were not mentioned in the top 25.

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