George Zimmerman Receives $200,000 In Web Donations

The defense attorney for George Zimmerman confirmed that he had been raising $200,000 on the Web by collecting online donations to pay for his his legal costs before it was taken down.

Mark O’Mara, appearing on Anderson Cooper 360, told CNN that he only learned of the website on Wednesday and has informed the judge during a Friday hearing.

George, who has been charged with second-degree murder in the Feb. 26 shooting of Trayvon Martin, was released from jail this week and went into hiding after paying 10 percent of $150,000 bail. He has pleaded not guilty and is claiming self-defense.

Most people speculate that the judge might raise the bail amount since the defendant was able to raise $200,000, but legal experts say that he has a constitutional right to collect donations.

The site was taken down last Thursday at his lawyer’s request.

Zimmerman might declare indigent, which would allow taxpayers to pay for his legal bills, but any donations from the website will certainly make that process more difficult.

The website was created around April 10th by the family to thank his supporters and to receive donations from anyone who wanted to help with his legal defense.

Zimmerman was arrested 44 days after the incident, which sparked nationwide protests and a national debate on racial profiling.

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