German Forest Boy: Police seek help identifying teen

Known only as Ray, and suspected to be in his late teens, German police have released a photo of the so called “Forest Boy” in hopes someone can identify the blonde, blue-eyed, English speaking, kid who walked into the city of Berlin 9 months ago saying he had been living in the woods for about 5 years.

After walking for 5 days to get to Berlin, Ray had claimed he lived in the woods with his father, until he died last summer. He told authorities that they moved into the woods after his mother was killed in a car accident. He also claims he doesn’t know his own last name nor remember having any other relatives.

Ray has since been placed in the possession of a legal guardian, but police are still trying to figure out who the boy is, which refuses to make any public appeals for someone to come forward and say they know him. “There is no one to appeal to; all my family are dead,” he told the legal guardian appointed to him, according to Berlin police.

Berlin police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf told Berlin’s online English language news site The Local, that they have conducted every investigation into determining who he is, that they know of and have come up empty.

“We have compared his DNA with international missing persons lists, we’ve made public appeals, we’ve sent his fingerprints around the world to see if he was involved in anything picked up by authorities anywhere but have come up with nothing,” Neuendorf said.

As far as they can guess the boy is about 17-years-old and at least one if not both of his parents must have been American or British.

“Investigators will have to be very enterprising in this case,” says Brad Garrett, a former special agent at the FBI with expertise in missing persons cases and behavioral patterns. “They will need to go outside the normal areas of law enforcement to try and get results.”

Garrett adds that circulating the photo around the world could help but also an intensive physical and psychological examination would reveal if the boy’s story is authentic. “They will need to know that he is mentally stable to ensure that his story appear’s true.”

Ray reported that he buried his father in the forest before walking out and doesn’t know were that location is.

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