Germany Women Bras Court Ruling – Report

Germany women bras court ruling. Women in Germany must wear bras and maintain fingernails, according to a new court ruling favoring employers. Moreover, the length of a lady’s fingernails and hair must be clean and groomed.

Women in Germany have new workplace rules that can allow the boss to make changes. Men can sport beards, but the boss has a right to order it to be kept well trimmed. Fingernails and hair must be groomed, and the employer has the right to ask workers to comply with the new ruling.

The State Labour Court in North Rhine-Westphalia was ruling on a case involving the dress and grooming habits of airport security personnel.
But its decisions will apply to all workplaces in the most populous state in Germany.

“Being told to wear a bra and to keep fingernails to shorter than half-a-centimetre does not impinge on personal rights,” ruled the court in Cologne. “It is not a disproportionate impairment of personal rights.”

Bras have to be white or flesh colored because the court said bright ones should not bleed through. However, the female can wear any color they choose as long as they wear an undershirt. The ruling applied to a security company carrying out passenger checks at airports in the state, particularly the major hub Cologne-Bonn.