Grandmother Shoots Her Grandson Because She Wasn’t In Control

A Michigan grandmother shocked a local community after she shoots and kills her 17-year-old grandson, but her lawyer says she wasn’t in control of her emotions. Sandra Layne, 74, was arrested and charged with the open murder of Jonathan Hoffman, her teenage grandson.

Allegedly, the two were at her residence in the Maple West Villas Complex when she shot him multiple times as he called police and pleaded for help.

“Officers who had just arrived on the scene heard shots ringing out as Hoffman pleaded on the phone with dispatchers,” said Lt. Tim Diamond from the West Bloomfield Police Department.

The young man was taken to the Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills where he was declared dead shortly after arriving. The full autopsy will take a few weeks to be completed. However, a precedent medical report showed two bullets in Hoffman’s body and eight exit of entry wounds. A full autopsy report will not be released for weeks.

“The circumstances are shocking and tragic. We’ve had husbands and wives killing each other, but this is the first we’ve heard of a grandmother shooting a grandson,” Diamond told ABC News.

Jerome Sabbota, one of Layne’s lawyers, claims that the high-school senior was on drugs and feels that his client was not responsible for her actions, saying: “She didn’t have a choice – she was afraid.”

He continued: “I don’t think she was in control of her emotions. She was afraid. She’s not a big, strong woman.”

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