Harlem Basketball Girl Gets Shot For Mistaken Identity

A top Harlem New York girl’s basketball player from Murry Bergtraum High School was shot to death inside her Manhattan apartment in a case of mistaken identity. Witnesses said Tayshana Murphy was trying to outrun a gunman in a fourth-floor hallway.

A source told the New York Post that the gunman apparently mistaken her for a male rival due to her athletic build. Murphy was reportedly wearing a hood, which concealed her identity during the shooting. Tayshana was pronounced dead on the scene.

“No doubt, she will be sorely missed,” longtime Murry Bergtraum coach Ed Grezinsky said in a statement. The coach said Murphy was one of the top point guard prospects in the country. She was in her senior year, and several colleges were actively recruiting her.

Basketball played a huge role in Murphy’s life. It was “everything to her,” according to her godfather, Ashim Alston, the head girls’ basketball coach at Bishop Loughlin. And after a tough couple of years, her sport seemed poised to open all kinds of doors for Murphy. She previously had surgery to repair an anterior cruciate ligament tear in her right knee,

“She would have been one of the first in her family to finish high school and attend college,” Alston said.

“It’s not so much about the wins and losses anymore; it’s about human life, about kids moving on and being successful. In the big picture, basketball is such a small thing,” Grezinsky said. There were no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.