Homeless Man Searches Owner Of Diamond Ring

Homeless Man Diamond Ring. A homeless man says a woman gave him a gold ring laced with a diamond in Michigan. She handed him a handful of change and quickly left.

Michael Secaur tells The Oakland Press that he was panhandling at an intersection in Pontiac on Monday when a woman pulled up in a vehicle and handed him some money. He says the ring was among some coins, and that he thinks she “did an oops.” Secaur says he would recognize the woman if he saw her again.

He says he quickly dismissed a plan to pawn the ring. The owner of a shelter where Secaur often stays has locked it in a safety deposit box.

Secaur says he has lived on the streets of Pontiac for nearly two years. He said he cleaned the ring and it appears to be part of a wedding set.

“My first thought was to go pawn it but I’d only get about $20 to $50,” Secaur said in a statement. “It’s probably worth more to the woman who had it.”

Secaur, a former kitchen manager, said he had a wife, three children, two cars and a house before losing everything to divorce and what he described as minor legal problems.

Secaur often stays at the Centerstage shelter in Pontiac, near Detroit, and told shelter owner Dave Coleman about the ring. Coleman said he’s keeping the ring in a safety deposit box.

“God works in mysterious ways,” Coleman said.