Hugo Chavez Rumors: Death Reports Denied By Government

President Hugo Chavez death rumors have been denied by the Venezuelan government. The rumor started when reports were published that the leftist leader died in Cuba while undergoing radiation treatment for cancer. Chavez left for Havana nine days ago and has only addressed his country with short messages on Twitter.

The Venezuelan president has always been loud, especially to his supporters, but the recent limit to communication drew speculation that Hugo died from his undisclosed health problems.

“The truth is that these embittered people don’t learn. They’ve been saying for days that the Comandante died,” President of the National Assembly legislature Diosdado Cabello said as he dismissed the rumors in a tweet.

Last month, he announced that the American government was polluting South America leaders with cancer.

In the past, he has been seen with former Cuba leader Fidel Castro on video and in pictures.

However, there have been no images released from this visit, so far.

While his supporters worry over reports that question his health, the Venezuelan leader will run for re-election on October 7.

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