Hurricane Hilary Gains Strength

Hurricane Hilary is now a powerful category 4 storm with a possibility of gaining more strength in the Pacific. Recent satellite images showed the storm developing a well-defined eye, a clear indication that it has strengthened. The storm is gaining power due to the warm waters of the Eastern Pacific and a lack of wind shear.

Fortunately, Hilary should remain 100 to 200 miles off the southern coast of mainland Mexico. Such a track will keep the worst parts of the storm offshore. However,bands of heavy rain and tropical storm-force winds will still graze the coastline, including Acapulco, into Saturday morning.

“But any deviation to the north could bring more dangerous weather to coastal areas,” Meteorologist Randy Adkins said.

Surf along the coast will also be extremely rough and dangerous for swimmers through this weekend. Later this weekend into early next week, the Hurricane Center expects a path for Hilary to move out to sea into progressively cooler waters. However, that may not lead to its total demise.

Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski states a trough of low pressure that will eventually head toward the western United States could cause the hurricane to severely alter its course later in the period.

“Depending on how far south and east that trough progresses will determine if boomerangs back to the east, closer to the coast of Mexico later next week,” stated Sosnowski.

“While rare, that re-curve back to the east would have dozens of ramifications, ranging from coastal impacts on Mexico to both beneficial rain and flooding problems in part of the southwestern U.S.,” Sosnowski added.