Illinois Road Kill Law Gets Passed

Illinois Road Kill – Illinois Furbearer Guide: What Is a Furbearer? The state has created a new road kill law to allow its citizens to license and pick up dead animals during hunting season. In fact, it allows people to sell the pelt to fur traders and the meat to stores.

“As long as they have a hunting license or a trapping license and a habitat stamp,” said Officer Kris Taylor with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. ” And the species they are picking up has to be in season. No matter or not if it’s a raccoon, a fox or a beaver it does have to be in season.”

The bil,l with the backing of Republican Rep. Norine Hammond, came about after a retired Conservation officer thought it was a waste to let the roadkills go to waste on the states highways.

Hammond thought it would also be a good way to make a living or extra money.

A trapper, Louie Glidewell living in the southern part of the state said, “As far as the money goes you have raccoons, muskrats and coyotes things like that, you’re talking upwards of $20 a pelt for certain species. But you can’t bring a flattened bloody critter to a fur trader and expect a premium price for it. And there’s certain steps you have to take to prepare the hide in order to get that premium price.”

The state has warned any wanna-be road kill seekers to wear gloves at all times and eye protection from fluids to avoid and deceases.

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