Iran Controversial Adultery Case ‘Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’

Iran Adultery Case – An adultery case in Iran is receiving International attention after the Islamic country sentenced a woman, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, to death by stoning as punishment for the extramarital affair. However, she may hung instead, due to international backwash the sentence is receiving.

The controversy began when a court in Iran had sentenced the 43-year-old to death by stoning in a 2006 case.

Ashtiani, is an Azerbaijanis, who prior to sleeping with her cousin was convicted of killing her husband. Death by stoning seems quite extreme in many other countries. At the same time, the country feels that the verdict is justified since the woman aided in her husband’s demise after committing adultery.

The mother was made to detail the murder of her husband, on a video, in 2006.

Shockingly, it shows the woman giving details about how she was participating in the killing, all in the name of adultery.

Several Human Rights groups describe the Law of the Islamic Republic horrific for women and forgiving towards men. This has prompted gender equality issues and many of the laws face scrutiny in Iran. For example, the same punishable crime made by a man is usually served with a small prison sentence in comparison to a woman who is usually stoned to death.

The country is under Islamic law and some of those traditions punish legally criminal acts, such as homosexuality and adultery, to death. The same sentences are given to people with treason and apostasy convictions. Those who’re convicted of adultery, murder, rape, or child molestation are automatically sentenced to death.

Ironically, transgender citizens now have legal rights in Iran because they believe it is a gender identity disorder. As a result, the law permits sexual reassignment surgery for those who can afford it. In fact, the Ayatollah Khomeini was the first leader in the world to act on such a ruling to permit gender reassignment in the 1960s.

Authorities involved in the Iran adultery case are currently discussing what Ashtiani’s form of execution will be.

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