Iran Submarines Armed With Weapons And Torpedoes

Iran Submarines – Iran receives three submarines armed with missiles and torpedoes.

The “Land of the Aryans” has added three Ghadir-class vessels.

At a news conference in Tehran the commander of the navy, admiral Habibollah Sayyari stated that the submarines, like others in the Ghadir class, are of homegrown design.

“All parts of these submarines, including their body and their advanced radar equipment and defense systems have been designed and manufactured by our country’s defense experts and with the help of the Defense Ministry,” he said in a press conference.

Uzi Rubin, an architect of Israel’s missile defense program, responded to Iranian reports boasting of a new domestic missile defense system named “Bavar 373,” which Tehran claimed was “a substitution for S-300 (Russian) missile system.”

Military officials added that they are armed with both missiles and torpedoes and have equipment enabling them to avoid detection by sonar.

The S-300 was an aerial defense platform that was denied to the Islamic Republic by Moscow in 2010, despite an earlier agreement to purchase it. It was supposed to defend Iranian nuclear sites against foreign missiles and fighter jet attacks.