Italy Death Toll 7 From Flood

Italy Flood – Floods have hit Italy from torrential rains in the northwestern city of Genoa on Friday. Seven people have died as a result, including two children, as heavy rains turned streets into raging waterways.

Most of the waters in Italy are smashing shop windows and sweeping cars aside in a trail of mud and sludge.

Television footage showed cars floating and people wadingknee-deep through flooded streets in the medieval port, thelargest city on the northwestern coast.

“This is like a report from a war, it’s a truly dramaticsituation,” said Renata Briano, a local official of theProtezione Civile emergency services.

Local authorities confirmed a seventh person had been killed after six deaths were earlier reported. In areas close to the city, local media reported maintenance crews were working to clear highways blocked by debris and repair gaping holes into the road surfaces caused by the hugevolume of water.

The flooding follows days of heavy storms in northern and central regions which killed at least 10 people and causedwidespread flooding and mudslides, forcing the government todeclare a state of emergency in Liguria and Tuscany.

High winds and heavy rains are expected to continue until atleast Sunday, weather services said.

Schools and museums in Italy are expected to be closed and Sunday’s Series A soccer match between local team Genoa and rivals has been postponed.

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