Jack The Gripper Facing Jail Time For Hugging

“Jack the Gripper,” an alleged serial hugger is being accused tricking woman into hugging him by pretending he knew them.

Missouri prosecutors have their work ahead of them; they are responsible for determining if the man’s hugs are a criminal offense or if people are just way too serious nowadays. There was a total of 36 women who came forward to file complaints against the 44-year-old man.

“He’d say, ‘Hi, remember me? I lived down the street in the corner house. How ya been?'” Des Peres, Mo., Detective Marshall Broughton said. “Obviously [the women] didn’t remember him, but he did it so quickly and convincingly that they felt embarrassed that they didn’t know him.”

According to Broughton, the hugging suspect was originally identified by his license plate when one of his victims took the number down and handed it over to authorities. Then detectives looked over security tapes from a local grocery store where he alleged had some embraces.

Authorities brought “the hugger” in for questioning, but released him an hour later. “This thing has caused more of a stir than anything else going on in this town,” Broughton added.

“All I could do was stand in shock after the hug was given becuz [sic] I had nothing else in mind as to what to do to get away from him. The man ur [sic] looking for has a more round face not skinny but not over weight hourly in his forties and a light shade of brown in hair color. Don’t know if that helps but I hope someone catches him soon,” the anonymous woman wrote.

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