Jamaica Celebrates 50 Years Of Island Independence

Jamaica 50 – The island nation of Jamaica celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence from British rule in 2012.

Jamaican’s celebrated on New Year’s Eve in the capital city of Kingston with a festival aptly named “Jamaica 50” ending with fireworks over the water. Prior to English rule Jamaica was ruled by the Spanish.

There are approximately 2.8 million people living in Jamaica today. The island was settled by the Arawak and Taino people of South America some where between 400 and 1000 B.C.

For tall of 2012 there will be a special event planned for every month of the year to recognize the 50th anniversary.

Currently, Jamaica has a two party political system, the People’s National Party and Jamaica Labour Party.

The Jamaica 50 project director, Lenford Salmon said:

“Jamaica 50 is for Jamaica. So whichever administration forms the government will be pretty keen to ensure that we celebrate in fine style. Our 50th anniversary is a significant achievement in the life of any country. It has to be heralded in a significant way. The People’s National Party in opposition had a representative on the planning council that worked very closely with us and played an integral part in all that we have planned for Jamaica’s 50th.”

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