Jerome Listecki Unfazed By 550 Claims Of Sexual Abuse

American archbishop, Jerome Listecki says he is “unfazed” by the fact his archdiocese has been hit with 550 claims of sexual abuse by clergy members.

Listecki says, now that the window of cases being able to be brought against the archdiocese has closed, “Now we know what we have to deal with in terms of those who have come forward and brought suits against the church.”

The Milwaukee archdiocese has already paid out $30 million dollars related to the claims and is now having to file for bankruptcy protection, which has halted other lawsuit cases currently being pursued.

One priest that is a member of the archdiocese has been accused of around 200 of the case of abuse against boys, that occurred between 1950 and 1974 while teaching at a school for the deaf.

A bankruptcy lawyer named James Stang, said now those who have filed claims will split any assets the court rules the archdiocese must forfeit in the bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court had set a Wednesday deadline this past week for any claims to be made.

In 2010 it was reported that the archdiocese had about $4.6 million in assets. At a February 9th court date the archdiocese plans on trying to have as many of the claims as possible thrown out on the grounds of a statute of limitations that has passed.

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