Jerry Sandusky Judge Rulings In Case

Jerry Sandusky got what he wanted after the judge preceding over his sexual abuse case made multiple rulings on Monday morning, such as bail and jury selection.

On Friday Judge John M. Cleland, made a ruling that the trial involving Jerry Sandusky’s over 50 counts of sexual abuse against 10 boys, will begin tentatively on May 14th.

Monday morning he denied the state’s request of selecting a jury from outside Centre county, Pennsylvania, in which the trial will be taking place. He also ordered prosecution to give information to Sandusky about the alleged charges against him, but denied Sandusky’s defense request for names, addresses and dates of birth of all potential witnesses.

Judge Cleland also made modifications to Sandusky’s bail arrangements, who is under house arrest, to have supervised visits with his grandchildren. He is also allowing Sandusky to leave the home home to help locate potential defense witnesses.

“The conditions of bail must always be analyzed bearing in mind the presumption of innocence and the purposes of bail,” Cleland said in his ruling.

Sandusky will yet be allowed to have visitation with 3 of his grandchildren, contingent on another judges ruling in a custody case.

In another ruling Cleland denied the request by Sandusky and his defense to release the transcripts from witnesses in the grand jury proceedings, stating that they would have to make the request from the judge that over saw those proceedings.

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