Jessica Buchanan On Commercial Flight Home After Somalia Rescue

Jessica Buchanan, who was rescued by part of the SEAL Team Six unit last week from Somalian kidnappers, was to depart from Italy on an unspecified commercial flight back to the United States on Monday.

A senior US official said that aid worker, American citizen Jessica Buchanan was working with the Danish Refugee Council in de-mining project along with Danish citizen Poul Hagen Thisted, when the she and one other worker were taken by the Somalian kidnappers last October while traveling through Somalia.

The Danish council had failed in attempts in negotiating the release of the two hostages with a report that the Somalians were refusing a $1.5 million payment for ransom.

The US decided to take action after Buchanan’s health began to deteriorate and they were left with no other options.

The same Navy SEAL Team involved in the killing of Osama Bin Laden, was dropped by parachute 2 miles away from the Somalian camp at night. They then ran to the camp killing all nine kidnappers and rescuing the two hostages. After being taken to the seals base by rescue helicopter, they were then transported to Italy.

A statement was released by the Danish Refugee Council on behalf of both the Buchanan and Thisted families which read, “We are grateful for all the efforts that have been put into getting them safely back to us and for the fact that a very difficult chapter in our lives is over.”

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