Jessica Vega Cancer Faker Officially Charged

Jessica Vega has been charged with fraud due to faking terminal cancer to make money. The New York bride leading people to believe she was dying in an effort to raise money to have her dream wedding and honeymoon.

In a statement, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman stated, “The woman had raised thousands of dollars with her cancer story, paying for a May 2010 wedding and a honeymoon to Aruba. After news of her plight spread, businesses such as a bridal dress shop and a restaurant donated to her cause.”

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said: “By pretending to have a terminal illness, Vega inexcusably took advantage of the community’s hearts and minds and profited off of their generosity.”

“Our office will hold this individual accountable for fleecing the public through lies and deception.”

Four months after their wedding, the Times Herald-Reported that Vega’s husband, Michael O’Connell, began to accuse his 25-year-old wife of faking the terminal illness.

They have divorced because of the lies; however, they have recently gotten back together.

“She;s a good mom, and that’s all that counts at the end of the day,” O’Connell told the Times Herald-Record. “I want my kids to have their mother back.”

On Friday, Vega was charged with fraud and larceny, and she pleaded not guilty. She is now in a county jail on $10,000 bail and could face as much as four years behind bars.

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