Josh Powell Threatened Own Mother Before Killing Kids

Josh Powell, who was suspected in his wife’s disappearance two years ago, and then blew up the house with himself and his two children inside this past weekend, apparently was a troubled child who threatened and abused his mother.

In court documents from a 1992 divorce of Josh Powell’s parents obtained by ABC News, Terrica Powell made several statements about her son’s abusive and disturbing demeanor against his own mother.

She wrote in statements that he threatened her with a butcher knife after she asked him to wash some dishes..

“I felt extreme fear when Josh made a veiled threat at me with a butcher knife in his hand. His demeanor was menacing for a moment as he said, ‘Don’t push it, mom,'” Powell wrote. “… I was terrified and left the room to go downstairs…”

At one point he tried to commit suicide, she says. Lawyer, Stephen Downing for the parents of Josh’s missing wife, Chuck and Judy Cox, said on ’20/20’ he tried hanging him self as a boy and also that they were aware of the butcher knife incident. “He was very troubled,” Downing said.

The abusive behavior was not just committed by Josh himself. as Terrica indicated that on occasions both him and his brother would push and strike her. In one statement she worried that both the boys would destroy their entire family.

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