Joshua Monson Has Stabbed 3 Lawyers

Joshua Monson Stabbed Lawyers – Joshua Monson has stabbed a total of 3 lawyers.

​Attorney Jesse Cantor had just finished arguing that forcing his client to wear leg restraints wouldn’t help if the man decided to stab him like he’d stabbed two previous lawyers.

Not long afterward Cantor was proved right.

Today Cantor became the third lawyer that methamphetamine-possession defendant Joshua Monson was stabbed with a pen or pencil while in court.

He had been fitted with an electric-shocking device thanks to the two previous lawyer stabbings (both with pencils), and had been barred from bringing any writing implements of his own, managed to grab Cantor’s own pen and stab him in the side of the head with it.

Witnesses reported seeing the defendant reach across the table, grab the pen and stab Cantor in the left side of the head. Cantor was not seriously injured.
The incident happened as jurors were listening to a prosecutor’s opening statements.

Cantor is expected to be fine. But Joshua was told he’d have no more lawyers appointed to him during his trial and will have to represent himself.

Prosecutors had argued that Monson should be held down with leather ankle restraints, but Cantor said seeing him restrained might unfairly bias a jury against his client.

Instead, the lack of restraints unfairly biased a pen-wielding psycho against Cantor’s face.

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