Kansas Elevator Shakes Missouri From Explosion

Kansas Elevator Explosion – An elevator explosion in Kansas shook Missouri.

The eruption occurred Saturday night at a Bartlett Grain Co. in Atchison, about 50 miles northwest of Kansas City. The blast was so powerful that it shook the ground in neighboring Missouri.

Local authorities identified those killed in the elevator explosion late Sunday as 20-year-old Chad Roberts, 21-year-old Ryan Federinko and 24-year-old John Burke.

The company says one worker and two grain inspectors are also presumed dead from the explosion. Their names haven’t been released.

Crews temporarily suspended their search for the three earlier Sunday because of safety concerns inside the heavily damaged elevator. The search is expected to resume Monday morning.

Officials with Bartlett Grain Co. company, in Kansas, that own and operate the elevator said in a statement that they know the location of those who are missing and will resume the search at some point. They have brought an engineer to the scene to help develop a plan on how to continue the recovery effort.

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