Karen Swift Body Found: Missing Mother Discovered In Tennessee

Karen Swift Found – Karen Swift, the missing mother of 4, has been found dead in rural Tennessee. She was found near a private cemetery in Dyer County by a passerby on Saturday.

The 44-year-old was last seen on October 30, picking her daughter up from a Halloween party. Later, authorities found her 2004 Nissan Murano on Millsfield Highway with a flat tire.

Authorities blocked off Harness Road near Highway 78, where the body was found.

“She had been there some time,” Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box told ABC News’ Western Tennessee affiliate WBBJ-TV. “The body had been concealed by vegetation.”

“Frost and winter conditions killed the vegetation, making the body visible within a few feet,” Box added.

The body was then sent to the Regional Forensic Center in Memphis for an autopsy and identification according to The Associated Press.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent John Mehr told the Associated Press that authorities are treating the case as a homicide.

Karen had filed for divorce from her husband David Smith a few weeks prior to her disappearance. Police have questioned Smith, however he is not considered a suspect.

Timothy Naifeh, a lawyer for David Swift, said in a statement:

“It’s very emotional for Mr. Swift and the family. They’re asking at least for this period of time to have some privacy — it’s time for grieving and it’s time for mourning. It’s heartbreaking and it’s very, very sad.”