Kid Dies In Hot Car After Being Left All Day

Two young kids have died this month in Texas and Missouri after their parents accidentally left them all day in hot vehicles, MSNBC reports.

A mother left her 13-month-old in the car mistakenly thinking she had dropped him off at day care before going to work at Cedar Creek Elementary, Lee’s Summit Journal reports.

A 7-month-old boy from the Sugar Land area of Houston died May 3 after the child’s father, Leland Jacobson, 41, left the baby for hours in the backseat of his car in 89-degree weather. Police said Jacobson took the baby with him when he dropped his two older children off at school. He said his wife called asking about the baby around 5 p.m., and he suddenly remembered the child was in the car, KHOU reports.

At least 529 such deaths have been recorded since 1998, including the two logged in the past week, according to figures from the Department of Geosciences at San Francisco State University, which tracks reports, MSNBC reports.

Although such deaths occur in nearly every month of the year, records show that warmer weather typically heralds a seasonal spike in fatalities from hyperthermia, or heat stroke, among children left in cars and trucks, MSNBC reports.

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