Kristopher Oswald Gets Job Back At Walmart

Kristopher Oswald was originally fired from his job at Walmart for rescuing a woman who was being physically abused by several men, but now the company has offered Oswald his job back as a good gesture, which isn’t flying very well.

The 30-year-old man shared his story with numerous media outlets saying that on October 13 at around 2:30 PM he was sitting in his car during his lunch break getting ready to eat a sandwich when he heard a woman screaming for help in the parking lot.

Oswald who was employed at the Wal-Mart store for seven weeks rushed to the victim’s aid only to be attacked and beaten by her abusers who were punching her in the head while threatening to kill her.

Oswald was able to rescue the lady and rapidly call authorities to the scene of the violent crime.

When Oswald returned to his post — he used to stock the shelves at night — his manager told him that he was terminated on the spot.

His boss told him that he was being fired because he violated company policies — the terms of his contracts clearly stated that workers are not allowed to intervene in dangerous situations — they should instead alert the local police or the store’s management.

After receiving some bad publicity, angry calls and e-mails from their clients the retail giant suddenly had a change of heart and offered Oswald his old job back with little compassion for the trauma he went through.

In a statement the company’s spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan apologized for their error and said that after viewing footage from that day and talking to the Livingston County sheriff’s deputies they now have a better understanding of what occurred and would like to provide their former staff member with extra security so he can work with piece of mind.

The temporary worker declined the offer and slammed the enterprise for their lack of judgement:

“I believe my job was only offered to me because of the negative publicity they received. There is no way I can expect to walk in as if I was a new hire and everything would be OK.”

Oswald went on the share that he is now in therapy because he is a pacifist and the incident has traumatized him. Many are blasting the company for not caring for their shoppers’ well being only wanting what is in their wallets.

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