Last WWI Veteran Dies At The Age Of 110

A British woman, Florence Green, was the last-known WWI veteran at the age of 110 before she passed away in England and was a member of the Women’s Royal Air Force.

Green served as a waitress at an England air base and was not considered a WWI veteran until her service records were found in the British National Archives.

The Briar House Care Home, where she was living in King’s Lynn, announced that she had passed on Saturday just two weeks prior to her 111th birthday.

In a 2008 interview, Green reflected on her time of service during the war. “I met dozens of pilots and would go on dates,” Green said. “I had the opportunity to go up in one of the planes, but I was scared of flying. I would work every hour God sent. However, I had dozens of friends on the base, and we had a great deal of fun in our spare time. In many ways, I had the time of my life.”

Green had become a member of the Women’s RAF in September of 1918 just two months before the war ended. The Women’s RAF was formed in May of that year in order to train women to be mechanics, drivers and do other jobs that would free up men so that they can serve on the front lines.

The last known male servicemen who saw combat during the war, was also a Brit named Harry Patch, and he died at the age of 111 in 2009.

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