​Leno Gas Station Prank Too Good To Be Real​​

Jay Leno aired a gas station prank that featured a karaoke performance by a couple, Will and Monifa Sims, that was seen on the “Tonight Show,” but now there’s evidence that it was all staged.

In fact, the couple were invited to the “Tonight Show” by Leno because he was so impressed by their performance.

The couple stopped at a gas pump where the they had planted a camera.

The video shows Will Sims singing while he fills his car. An anchor on the TV screen above the pump tells him he is on “Pumpcast News” and that he will get free gas if he performs a song.

Will is surprised at first, but then he recovers. He offers to sing Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.”

The anchor offers to supply the lyrics so he can sing the entire song. But Will answers “No, I know them baby.”

He begins singing while his wife bursts into uncontrollable laughter in the car. The anchor then asks him if he wants to do a duet with his wife. He says no. After he finishes the song the anchor tells him he is “living on a free tank of gas,” and Will sings, “About to pump it up. Living for the gas.”

His wife eventually gets out of the car to do a duet with him. She sings Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams.” Will and Monifa are delightful to listen to.

Leno said the two were “so entertaining and it was so nice to see a happy couple.”

However, there are reports that the video prank might have been completely staged, with trained actors pretending to be the Sims couple.

Will and Monifa are actually trained actors from Chicago, as opposed to the trainer and bartender they pretended to be during their appearance on “The Tonight Show.” And Monifa appeared on a previous “Pumpcast News” segment in 2011.

In an interview with “The Smoking Gun,” Monifa admitted to being an actress, but said that “Tonight Show” producers made up fake jobs because they “[didn't] want people to think that they planned this thing.”

She chalked her two appearances on the “Pumpcast News” segment down to coincidence.