Lesbian Couple Barred From Catholic Prom In Parking Lot

A lesbian couple were told that they were barred from attending their high school prom together as they tried to enter the doors, so they celebrated in the parking lot. As the lesbian couple arrived in their new dresses, they were told that the relationship is against school policy.

Tiffany Wright, 16, and Hope Decker, 18, allegedly attempted to attend their prom at Lexington Catholic High School. However, they were not allowed to enter the building.

According to the two students, the couple were not given any notice ahead of time that they would not be permitted to attend the dance together, and they believe there is a different reason for not being permitted the prom then what the church is saying.

An e-mail sent to the Herald-Leader, by school president, Steve Angelucci read, “As a Catholic high school, we uphold every teaching of the Catholic Church. The policies and procedures of our school reflect those teachings.”

“I would understand and respect the school’s decision if they truly upheld church teachings. They didn’t forbid the entrance of all the couples who’ve had premarital sex and all the kids who planned to get drunk after the prom,” Wright stated.

While Decker said, “What I experienced in the Dean’s office was blatant homophobia.”

After becoming visibly upset that they were not allowed to enter the prom a few of Decker and Wright’s friends did the next-best thing for them, by holding a separate prom in the parking lot with car stereos playing music.

“We had a wonderful night, and we were surrounded by true friends. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life,” Wright stated.

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