Lions Kill Man Shower – Fishing Trip Victim In Zimbabwe

Lions Kill Man Shower – Fishing Trip Victim In Zimbabwe. A man who was taking a shower when a pride of lions went for the kill in Zimbabwe. The businessman was on a fishing trip in northern Zimbabwe where the attacked occurred.

Peter Evershed was dragged from a shower by five lions on Saturday. The area is a remote bush camp on Zimbabwe’s northern border with Zambia. Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force head Johnny Rodrigues said that the 59-year-old screamed.

Nearby tourists heard the screaming and drove to the scene. They flashed their lights to scare the lions away. Rodrigues said a safari operator intervened, firing a shot in the air that finally scared off the lions, but the injuries to the man were fatal.

Rodrigues said a surge in poaching and illegal hunting has made animals and lions more aggressive. Last month an elephant killed a visitor in a nearby area. Another conservation activist died in a charge by a wounded buffalo.

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