Liquor Store Rampage Over Restroom Refusal

Liquor Store Rampage – Liquor store owner Chris Giacopelli isn’t one to cry over spilled milk, but he is still fuming. He is still upset over an unruly customer who burst into his establishment last week

The customer caused a ruckus and then knocked dozens of bottles of booze off the shelves — including four bottles of the Johnnie Blue, whose loss could bring tears to Scotch lovers everywhere.

“Twenty-five years in the business and I’ve never seen anything like it,” he recalled Thursday, sitting in his office in the back of his shop. “Unbelieveable, just unbelievable.”

Mahogany Morrow, 31, of Spring Valley, turned herself in to Clarkstown police Wednesday night, a week after the Feb. 23 incident. Investigators expect to charge her with a felony count of criminal mischief.

Morrow is accused of pulling up to Rite Buy Wine and Liquor in the Hub Shopping Center at 6:30 that night in the back of a taxi.
What happened next was captured on a surveillance tape.

Giacopelli said the clerk on duty was helping another customer. After just 40 seconds in the store, the woman from the taxi began complaining loudly that she wasn’t being served fast enough.

The woman then asked to use the store’s restroom.

When the clerk — who said she smelled alcohol on the woman’s breath — refused, the woman turned to leave and, with her arm extended, knocked dozens of liquor bottles to the ground.

“She wrecked the place,” Giacopelli said. “Made a huge mess.”

The woman left the store without taking anything. Police tracked down the cabdriver, who told them that the woman asked to be taken to the Palisades Center mall. She said she worked at Dave & Busters there.

Giacopelli and his family were left to clean up after the rampage.