Lisa Irwin Search Continues With National Guard

Lisa Irwin is still missing and the Missouri National Guard is being called in to help with the search. Gov. Jay Nixon ordered the deployment Saturday of 25 members of the Citizen-Soldiers to Kansas City for a one day operation. The 11-month-old baby has been missing since October 4.

They will work directly with the Kansas City Metropolitan Police Department, the governor’s office said in a statement. The deployment came a day after Private investigator Bill Stanton announced that a $100,000 reward is being offered for the safe return of the infant or information leading to the conviction of the perpetrators involved in Lisa’s disappearance.

Several videos featuring the baby were also posted on YouTube last week. Baby Lisa disappeared after being put to sleep in her crib by her mother, Deborah Bradley, on Oct. 3.

Her father, Jeremy Irwin, has said he discovered she was missing when he returned home from work late that night.

The front door to the home was not locked and a window was open, but little evidence has been found at the house to indicate who may have taken the child. Several searches, including one in a nearby well, have failed to turn up any trace of her.

The parents have given numerous TV interviews since their daughter vanished, and for a time reportedly refused to cooperate with police. They have never officially been called suspects by authorities.

Kansas City police have in custody the handyman they have been wanting to question in connection to the disappearance of missing baby Lisa Irwin. Captain Steve Young said the man, known as “Jersey,” is in custody on unrelated charges. Young also said they wanted to question the man about Irwin because he was known to frequent the area but he is not a suspect.