Killer Luka Magnotta Had 70 Facebook Pages

After being recognized and arrested in a Berlin internet cafe earlier this week, the investigation of Luka Magnotta has led detectives to find he had 70 different Facebook pages which he was maintaining regularly.

Magnotta is accused of murdering, chopping up, eating, and mailing parts of his former gay lover’s body to Canadian government offices as well as video taping the incident and posting it on the web.

With the finding of the use of 70 different Facebook pages, prosecutors can use the plethora of information found on them, that had links to many you tube clips, blogs and gore sites, against Magnotta in his trial.

It was previously suspected by animal rights activist, that Magnotta had been a man seen in internet videos performing animal cruelty acts on kittens and cats.

Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said, “He maintained more than 70 Facebook pages under different names. So he was very, very, very active on the web.”

Meanwhile, French newspaper, Le Figaro, dubbed Magnotta “The assassin of the Facebook generation,” and claimed, “Without the Web, the body-chopper wouldn’t exist,” adding, “This kind of narcissistic and deviant killer is an avatar.”

One of the reported Facebook pages Magnotta maintained was under the name of Catherine Tramwell, who was the character played Sharon Stone in the movie “Basic Instict” who was a killer.

On another Facebook account, he reportedly posted footage of himself dismembering his ex-boyfriend, Lin Jun, while on others, he posted the footage of using snakes and plastic bags to kill kittens.

“You can imagine with all this (web presence), there are that many possibilities for us to find information,” Lafreniere said. “So a major part of the investigation is on the web.

“And for us, not to say that we’ve never seen this, but it’s very rare for us,” the commander added.

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