Luka Rocco Magnotta Arrested In Connection To Mailed Body Parts

Canadian porn star Luka Roccp Magnotta, who had been on the run since being suspected of killing and dismembering his lover and mailing the body parts to Canadian government offices, has been arrested after being recognized by a man in a Berlin, Germany internet cafe on Monday.

“That man from this small restaurant went on the street and there was a police car there. He stopped the policeman and the policeman went into this small café and so they found the man in search,” Berlin Police spokesman Thomas Neuendors said to “At first, he tried to tell several different names, but at last he said, ‘Okay, you got me.'”

Canadian authorities had issued an international warrant for the 29-year-olds Magnotta’s arrest for first-degree murder, and he is now scheduled to make a court appearance on Tuesday. Magnotta had videotaped the killing of his Chinese boyfriend, 33-year-old Jun Lin before mailing the body parts out. Lin had been a student studying in Montreal and had last been seen on May 24th. on May 29th the Chinese consulate reported him missing.

On the same day as being reported missing a receptionist at the Ottawa headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada had received and opened a bloody package containing a foot. Magnotta had quickly been linked to Lin as his known lover, and suspect after later Lin’s torso was found in a suitcase by a janitor at Magnotta’s residential building.

Animal right activist believe Magnotta is also the same man they have been searching for after several postings of violent video’s that show a man that resembles Magnotta committing acts of violence against kittens and cats.

“The state of the body is so bad. It was cut. It was dismembered,” Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said. “This is a very hard case for us in terms of being extremely gross. We’re still missing body parts.”

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