Lunchroom Bandits Steal from Office Fridge Ignoring All Notes

By: Kara Gilmour
Staff Writer
Published: Oct 12, 2021

Lunchroom Bandits

Lunchroom bandits steal from the office fridge ignoring all notes. The lunchroom is now a top breach of office etiquette, with 98 percent of calling the behavior of these bandits unacceptable. With 70 percent of workers eating lunch at their desks, the office fridge has become the recession's latest victim and a target of bandits inside the lunchroom.

There is always one person in the average office that cries "foul" when someone has taken their lunch. Sometimes they ask around, "did you see my lunch?" and some send out a nasty e-mail to all associates "put it back and no questions will be asked!"

Even so, these bandits eat quietly, and no one can catch them. There are even Anti-Theft Lunch Bags, sold online, printed with green splotches that give the illusion a sandwich has turned to mold. However, UCLA ethics expert Sharon Ryan notes that not all thieves are ill-intentioned, and not every filched focaccia represents an act of war.

"Different cultures have different concepts of entitlement,'' Sharon Ryan said in a statement. "In the west here, we're highly individualistic in our thinking. But in the east, they believe in more of a utilitarian concept where the good of the many supersedes the rights of the one.'' Some offices are now installing hidden cameras, so be on the lookout, if that's your thing.