Madonna Badger lost her children and home on Christmas

Madonna Badger – Madonna Badger lost her children, parents and home on Christmas morning. An advertising executive’s Connecticut home went up in flames with her entire family inside. Among the victims were her three children and her parents.

Her parents were just in town for the holidays. Badger’s father, Lomer Johnson, spent every Christmas Eve working as Santa in Saks Fifth Avenue’s Manhattan store. The 71-year-old picked up this job when he retired from Jack Daniel’s; apparently, he stopped shaving his face the day he retired just to stay in character.

Authorities were informed of the fire shortly after 5 a.m.. They made their best attempt at saving the victims, who were trapped inside the home.

According to Stamford Police Sgt. Paul Guzda, Madonna and Michael Borcina, a contractor, escaped the burning house.

Neighbors heard screams shortly before 5 a.m.. And rushed outside to help. Unfortunately, they had to watch the house be consumed by flames.

Madonna is the founder of New York City-based Badger and Winters Group; she was discharged from the Stamford Hospital after being treated it was just last year that. Borcina was not as lucky, he has been treated, however, he has not teen released. I

The male friend has been identified by The Stamford Advocate as Michael Borcina, a contractor.

Madonna Badger’s husband, Matthew, was in New York City at the time of the fire.

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