Madonna’s Stalker Escapes From Mental Hospital With Death Threats

Madonna wasn’t feeling too comfortable when she learned that a stalker had escaped, the same man who threatened repeatedly to kill her.

However, Madonna can now breathe a sigh of relief to know that Robert Dewey Hoskins, who served a 10-year sentence for stalking the singer, has been found and returned to the mental hospital he escaped from last week, authorities said Friday.

Hoskins was arrested not far from the Norwalk hospital he walked out of on Feb. 3, L.A. Now reported.

The 54-year-old “is a very psychotic man when not taking his medication and has very violent tendencies,” police had said in a statement.

Hoskins in 1995 made repeated forays onto Madonna’s property and threatened to kill the pop star, her bodyguard and an assistant; he was convicted in 1996.

Homeless at the time of the multiple incidents, Hoskins was finally shot twice in the arm by one of Madonna’s bodyguards after he’d scaled a wall to get onto her property, taken a dip in her pool and lunged for the bodyguard’s gun. Previously, he had threatened to kill Madonna if she did not marry him, saying, “I’m going to slice her throat from ear to ear.”

In addition to stalking Madonna, Hoskins was convicted of threatening to kill the bodyguard and Madonna’s personal assistant, and of assaulting the bodyguard.

Madonna, who took the stand during the 1996 trial, testified that she felt “sick to my stomach…. I feel incredibly disturbed that the man who repeatedly threatened my life is sitting across the room from me. I feel we are making his fantasies come true.”

Following his release, Hoskins was arrested last summer on vandalism charges and was placed in Metropolitan State Hospital, E! News reported.

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