Magnetic Boy Just Sticky Super Abilities

Magnetic Boy Just Sticky. Magnetic boy who claims to have powers may be just sticky, according to experts. Bogdan is 7-year-old who lives in Serbian and is attracting media attention for his apparent ability to attract other things, such as silverware, remote controls and plates.

The objects seem to miraculously stick to the boy’s skin. Bogdan’s family claims he’s magnetic, and an MSNBC reporter filmed him in action. At no point did the reporter confirm the claim, but the filming was very interesting to watch.

This isn’t the first time a person has claimed to possess magnetic powers. In fact, YouTube is strewn with demonstrations of bodily magnetism. But are they real?

No. According to Benjamin Radford, renowned skeptic and managing editor of the magazine Skeptical Inquirer, there are several clues in the videos as to what’s really going on.

“A lot of times when you see these videos, the people are leaning back slightly,” Radford told Life’s Little Mysteries. “If there really is some magnetic attraction, the person should be able to lean over. If a magnetic force is overcoming gravity, we should see that. That’s one strong clue that what we’re seeing is not any sort of magnetism.”

Second, glass plates and a non-metallic remote control, as well as metal objects, are shown sticking to Bogdan’s chest. “Glass is not magnetic. If a smooth piece of glass is sticking to him and a smooth piece of metal, what do those have in common? A very smooth surface. Not magnetism.”