Male Cheerleader Banned After Kissing Another Boy

A male cheerleader was banned after kissing another boy at school in Alice, Texas. The kissing not only got him kicked off the squad, but the male cheerleader was suspended from school for two days. He is upset that all the countless hours practicing every day for years to make the varsity squad has all been taken away in an instant.

The 17-year-old senior at Alice High school said the incident was caught on a surveillance camera in the high school’s band hall, leading him to believe he was being monitored because of his sexual orientation.

“They never check cameras for anything unless something is stolen,” he said, asking not be identified. “We would be the ones getting caught because I’m sure we were the only ones, sexual orientation wise, being caught like that.”

He also stated that public displays of affection and cheerleader kissing are a relatively common occurrence at Alice, and he believes that the principal would not have targeted him had he been caught smooching a female student.

“In this school kissing is everywhere, if that were the case, suspending everyone for that, half the school would be suspended,” he said.

The student’s family says it was told the principal’s decision to suspend him for two days and kick him off the squad is under review. If the student is not reinstated over the cheerleader kissing, the family plans further action.