Man Goes To Dump For Wife’s $10K Wedding Ring

Man Dump Wife’s $10K Ring – A Florida man who accidentally threw out his wife’s $10,000 custom-made wedding ring found it after digging through tons of garbage at the local dump, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The newspaper says Brian McGuinn’s pregnant wife, Anna, had handed him the ring to put in her jewelry box while she showered, but he absentmindedly tossed it out with an old razor.

The next day, a horrified McGuinn called the waste management company that handles garbage for Margate, Fla., to help locate it.

They, in turn, gave him a protective vest, goggles, and a suit and leveled out a 10-foot pile of garbage to search.

Unbelievably, the 34-year-old McGuinn spotted the ring 30 minute slater, after digging through “absolutely disgusting” garbage. It was surrounded by black sludge and wedged between two brown bags.

“I was ecstatic,” he tells the Sun-Sentinel. “It was like winning the lottery. It was probably one of the best moments ever.”

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