Man Swept To Sea By Strong Undertow Currents

A man who was trying to save his dog was swept away to sea and drowned after getting hit by a rogue wave on a California beach. The Coast Guard says he and his wife were walking on the beach near Point Reyes on New Year’s Day when a wave overtook their pet animal.

The married couple went into the water to rescue their dog but the man was immediately swept away. Two Coast Guard boats and two helicopters located the man’s body in the water after a nearly three hour search. The wife and dog made it safely to shore.

According to witnesses, waves reaching 20 feet or more were seen before the man vanished.

One witnesses said he saw the dog go into the surf in a dangerous area with heavy undertow currents.

Another witness described a woman dressed in a heavy winter coat was knocked down in the surf, presumably the missing man’s wife.

That’s when the woman’s husband tried to save the dog, but he was knocked over by a wave from behind and the witness said he was carried out to sea.

Point Reyes is a popular tourist destination about 30 miles northwest of San Francisco.

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