Mark Wahlberg Makes Kids Watch Tattoo Removal

Mark Wahlberg took his parenting skills to another level by having two of his older children stand by and watch the procedure of having his tattoo’s removed.

Wahlberg said while on the ‘TODAY’ show, that he did not want his kids getting tattoo’s and used the opportunity to show them how painful it could be to correct.

Of the several tattoo’s Wahlberg got when he was younger, is a ‘Tweety Bird’ and ‘Sylvester the Cat’ on his ankle, the words ‘One Love’ on his left arm in salute of Bob Marley, and a rosary bead and crucifix around his neck. He also has a tattoo on his other arm, and on his chest.

Wahlberg said he started getting the ink removed prior to filming ‘The Fighter’ where he plays a boxer, so that he could avoid sitting in a make-up chair for hours to have the tattoo’s covered up.

“(All the tattoos) have meaning to me, but it’s both personal and professional. I don’t want my kids getting tattoos. And I wanted them to be (removed) by the time I did The Fighter because putting make-up on and covering them up has always been a pain in the butt.” Wahlberg said.

Adding, “I’ve taken my two older kids to the procedure so they see how painful it is and what I have to go through.”

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