Mayra Rosales Child Murder: 800 Pound Woman Free

Mayra Rosales Murder – She weighs 800 pounds, which puts her on the list of the heaviest people in the world, but did she murder her sister’s 2-year-old son? She claims that her sister Jaime Morales had hit the boy numerous times with a hair brush. Her layer, Sergio Valdez, says the defendant weighed 1035 pounds at the time of the murder and too overweight to commit such a crime.

The jury liked the excuse because they set her free.

Rosales, 31, was babysitting Eliseo Jr in 2008 for her sister Jaime Morales, and she originally reported that the child had died by being crushed to death when she fell on him. Doctors would later testify that Eliseo had actually died from a blow to the head likely from the back of a hair brush.

The defense for Rosales then argued that her arms where so big, she was unable to lift them and swing the brush.

After doctors testified the child did not die by being crushed, Rosales revealed that she made up the falling on him story, to cover for her abusive sister who actually committed the crime.

When Rosales had gained too much weight to walk, her and her husband had moved into Jamie’s home to be cared for. It turned out though, that Jamie would frequently go out leaving her four children with Rosales.

“I was more of a mother than Jaime,” Rosales said in an interview with Reveal magazine. “Whenever she wanted to go out or go shopping, she didn’t take the kids. She would always leave them at home with me.”

She testified from her home bed, stating that one day her sister Jamie had beaten a crying Eliseo for not eating his breakfast with the hairbrush, leaving a bump on his head. She then placed him in bed and went out shopping. Rosales says that later in the day he developed breathing problems and she called and ambulance. She testified that her sister had begged her to that say Rosales was responsible for his injuries.

“People may not understand this but I wanted to help my sister and I didn’t want the authorities to take the other children” she said.

Now, Jaime Morales has been found guilty of the boy’s death and has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after letting Rosales face the death penalty for the crime.

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