Mike Rios Arrested For Rape and Pimping

School board member Mike Rios, who was already out on bail charged with two counts of attempted murder, has shocked the Moreno Valley Unified School District. He was arrested again on 11 new felony charges including two counts of rape, three counts of pumping and six counts for pandering.

Rios allegedly was trying to lure his victims into prostitution. The news of his arrest has prompted parents like Bruce Rodgers calling for him to step down.

“I believe that for one, it is a shame, after the first time I don’t believe they should have let him back in, nowhere around the system with kids anyway,” said Rodgers. “I don’t see how this is happening.”

The case involves six women, two of which are underage girls he allegedly contacted online.

“There was at least one of the underage victims who actually was advertising her services online and he contacted her through that,” said Riverside County official John Hall.

A February shooting outside Rios’s house brought two counts of attempted murder, according to investigators. Rios has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

As they dug deeper, investigators say they uncovered even more about Rios, leading to his arrest on rape and pimping charges.

Rios’ second arrest comes as the school district is dealing with its own set of issues.

“We have a enough on our plates concerning teacher cuts and things like that and money and other things in the district that needs to be fixed. so this is a total shock to me,” said Moreno Valley school board vice president Cleveland Johnson.

In a statement released Thursday, the school board said it cannot ask Rios to step down because he is an elected official. However, if Rios is convicted of a felony, the board can have him removed. The statement also said the school board is seeking a restraining order against Rios and they also want an emergency policy change that would ban any board members from participating in district functions if they are charged with a crime against a minor.

A recall effort is now underway to push him out of office, but either a trial or a recall will take time.

Rios is being held on $500,000 bail and his arraignment was scheduled for Friday.

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