Military Equipment Gets Stolen – Lewis-McChord; $10,000 Reward

Military Equipment Stolen – Around 150 pieces of equipment has been stolen from Joint Base Lewis-Mchord in Washington State with a value estimated around $600,000, and according to a statement released Monday by the Army Criminal Investigation Command, some of the missing items include rifle scopes, night vision goggles and military ID cards.

They are also unsure exactly when the items where taken, but they believe it was sometime between December 14th and January 3rd.

Investigators have around 100 servicemen, belonging to the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, restricted to the base as they continue there investigation, and have offered a $10,000 dollar reward for information leading to the capture of the one’s responsible for the theft.

“You can buy a lot of this type of stuff on the open market, but it’s not military-grade,” said Maj. Chris Ophardt , a base spokesman. “This would be the latest and greatest that you can buy.”

Since January 4th the men being restricted to the base are not being allowed to leave their barracks without escort nor are they allowed to make any phone calls or send e-mails without permission.

Ophardt, says the restriction will continue until investigators “have all the information they can get to apprehend the person or people responsible.”

The missing equipment also includes 10 telescope machine-gun optics.

Ophardt described the items as “anything that attaches to a weapon or helps you see at night.” However, the Army does not consider the equipment alone to be a danger to the public.

“You have to have other stuff to make it dangerous, and you have to know how to use it,” Ophardt said . “It’s not something the average Joe can attach to their gun and become instant Rambo.”

The military equipment was stolen from a supply area that is kept under lock and key near an arms room. There are also suppose to be daily security checks of the area.

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