Mom Of Autistic Son Is Facing Jail Time For Tardies

Mom Of Autistic Son Facing Jail Time For Tardies – A truancy officer for Macomb County Intermediate School District in Michigan is looking to have a 27-year-old mom prosecuted and face jail time, and her 9-year-old autistic son placed in foster care because of the amount of tardies and absences the boy has accumulated over the last three years.

This year school records show Andria Black’s son has missed 16 days of school so far and been tardy numerous times.

Mrs. Black argues that because of her son being autistic some days it is really difficult to get him going. “Some days he will just shut down on me and not want to go,” Andria says.

Now Andria is in shock to hear of the drastic measures the school district is taking because her autistic son has missed some school. “If they need to reprimand me or he needs to make it up in summer school or something that’s fine, but jail time is not the answer,” says Black.

After trying to work something out for the last 3 years with the single mother the district is turning the situation over to the courts to decide what to do. “There has been an ongoing situation with this mother and at some point when things don’t change it has to go to court, our number one priority is educating kids,” said Deputy Superintendent Don Bollinger.

Black’s attorney, Deano Ware, will be asking for a jury trial and is request the case be based on this years incident’s alone as it would be too hard for the mom to remember all the reason’s her son missed or was late to school over the past three years, on the February 16th court date.

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