Murder In Outer Banks May Finally Get Justice

A murder in the Outer Banks of North Carolina that saw a young man allegedly kill his girlfriend over the July 4 weekend may finally get justice after a nationwide search finally resulted in his arrest this week in Ohio.

Nathan Summerfield, 27, was arrested by FBI agents Wednesday at a Medina, Ohio, motel on charges of killing his sometime girlfriend Lynn Jackenheimer, 33, during a vacation to the Nags Head area, according to “Good Morning America.”

The next step is for Nathan Summerfield to be extradited back to North Carolina, where he will be tried on murder charges.

Lynn Jackenheimer’s father, Raymond Johnson, spoke with ABC News about the arrest of his daughter’s alleged murderer:

“I’m glad he’s caught,” he said. “It’s his turn to pay for what he has done.”

The story of Lynn Jackenheimer’s murder in Outer Banks has captivated the nation for nearly six weeks as the circumstances are so grim.

Jackenheimer went missing over the Independence Day weekend while on vacation in the Outer Banks with Summerfield. Her children were also with them on the trip. Her corpse was found six days later more than 20 miles from Nags Head, in a vacant lot in Frisco, N.C., according to the Associated Press. She had been strangled and stabbed to death.

Summerfield was on the lam until Wednesday, when FBI agents made a collar and ended one of the most frantic and closely watched manhunts for a murder suspect in recent memory.

The murder in the Outer Banks search began July 8, when Nathan Summerfield’s brother told police he had confessed, according to “Good Morning America.”

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