NASA Moves Atlantis to Launch Pad

NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to move to Launch Pad 39A in preparation for its targeted lift off on October 8. The scheduled mission is to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Atlantis will leave the Vehicle Assembly Building which consists of the orbiter, external tank and twin solid rocket boosters. The shuttle will be mounted on a mobile launcher platform known as the crawler-transporter.

The crawler will then travel at 1 mph during its 3 mile journey where it will take six hours to reach Launch Pad 39a.

NASA recently made repairs to the flame trench wall at the launch pad. The repairs were completed on August 5. NASA technicians installed a new steel grid and covered it in a heat-resistant material.

The flame trench was damaged when bricks were torn away from the wall during Discovery’s launch on May 31.

NASA TV will provide live coverage of Atlantis on Wednesday beginning at 6:30 AM.