Neil Edwin Prescott Arrested For ‘Joker’ Threats And Guns

Neil Edwin Prescott was arrested Friday in Maryland after making threatening remarks to his boss regarding the massacre in Aurora Colorado and how he is the joker, “I’m going to load my guns and blow everybody up.”

He also said “that he would like to see the supervisor’s brain splatter all over the sidewalk”.

Police found Prescott heavily armed with an arsenal of at least 25 firearms at his home. Prescott’s arsenal included semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, handguns, high powered scopes, and thousands of magazines.

“We believe a significant threat has been averted,” officials said in a press conference today about the search of Neil Edwin Prescott’s home, where police and ATF officers found numerous guns and ammunition.

Police from several jurisdictions searched the home in Crofton, Md., Thursday night after alleged threats referencing the “Joker” were made earlier in the week.

According to the warrant, Prescott, 28, made the threat toward his employer during a phone call Monday morning when a supervisor contacted him about a work-related matter, then made similar statements in a separate conversation about 15 minutes later, and acknowledged, “It’s kind of foolish of me to say this kind of things over government phone.”

Law enforcement sources said Prescott’s employer, a subcontractor for Pitney Bowes, was ready to fire him. Prescott was upset about the prospect of losing his job and making threats, saying something to the effect of, “You don’t know who the real Joker is; I am the real Joker.”

Authorities checked a police database and found that Prescott had about 13 guns.

Prescott was groggy when police made contact, and was wearing a shirt that read, “Guns don’t kill people, I do.”

He has not been charged, or arrested, rather, he is being evaluated in a local medical facility in Anne Arundel County. Charges are pending.

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