Norway Mass Killer Likened To Hannibal Lecter And Hitler

During court procedures to determine whether Anders Behring Breivik, was sane enough to stand trial for murdering 77 people in the late July 2011 Norway shooting and bombing spree he went on, one psychologist likened him to meeting Hannibal Lecter, while another expert said his ideology exemplified Hitler’s way of thinking.

Following the incident, where Breivik bombed a government building then walked around a youth camp island shooting youths, psychiatrist said the man was insane while he committed the crimes.

But after several court ordered evaluations two psychologists have now proclaimed that he was fully sane during the attacks.

“He’s aggressive against people who think differently and who are different. I believe this can be compared with what the Nazis thought in the ’30s and ’40s, when they believed the Jews had a secret conspiracy plan to take over,” Dr Arne Thorvik told the Oslo Times, a Norwegian newspaper, after reading a 38 page letter Breivik released last week.

In the letter, Breivik stated that he committed the attacks in support of his militant ideology. He believes that Norway has become too “multi-cultural.” According to Johannesen, such ideology is not something that can be treated, and thus clarifies that Breivik is not insane.

“In light of his ideology, I don’t think that he can be treated with therapy or with medicine,” psychologist Eirik Johannesen told the Oslo district court according to France 24. “Meeting Breivik was almost like meeting Hannibal.”

One of the previous experts who proclaimed that Breivik was insane, testified that he has now changed his mind on the matter. “Evil cannot always be explained by illness,”expert witness and psychiatric Professor Einar Kringlen told the court.

Even if Breivik is ruled to be sane enough to stand trial for the 77 killings and is found guilty, under Norway law, he only faces a maximum of 21 years in prison with a chance of renewal.

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